Becoming A Dealership Service Advisor

If you want to work in the automobile dealership industry, then you might find that being a dealership service advisor might be a great career for you. You can read more about what the job responsibilities of a dealership advisor are right here. This will help you to determine whether this would in fact be the right career choice for you.

Greeting the customers

As a dealership advisor, you would be in the position of greeting the customers. While this can be a very rewarding part of the job, it can also be a challenging one. There are some customers who may be a bit on the defensive coming to a car dealership, and it is your job to put their mind at ease and prepare them for the car shopping experience. The good news is they will be there because they want to purchase a car, so they will be at least somewhat receptive and will just need you to give them a reason to put their guard down.

Discussing products and services

As the dealership advisor, customers will have questions for you, and you will be expected to have the answers they seek. You'll be responsible for answering questions about things like the vehicles that are on the lot for sale and the services that are offered in the mechanic shop portion of the dealership. You will also need to discuss repair options and alternatives with the mechanics as well. The goals will include helping to ensure customers buy the right car for their needs and helping customers to have their repair issues taken care of, including making proper use of their warranties to have repairs done when possible.

Tending to office needs

You will take care of things like setting the employees' work schedules and dealing with finding replacements should employees end up calling in sick or are unable to cover their shift for other reasons. You will oversee the daily running of the dealership and take care of things like prioritizing tasks and assigning specific duties to employees as needed.

You will make contact with the customers in order to discuss repair issues with them after hearing from the repair shop with updates. You will also call the customers when their car is finished to let them know when they can come in to pick it up. You will also process payments for the customers.  


If you like the idea of working at a car dealership in a capacity where you have more responsibilities, then you should think about undergoing the training to become a dealership advisor. Contact companies such as David Lewis & Associates.