Here Are 3 Items A Professional School Nurse's Office Should Have

Being a school nurse is one of the most professionally satisfying jobs you can have. That's because you ensure students and the entire school population stay healthy during school and comfortably continue their studies. In other words, you're their primary medical resource. Despite being a naturally satisfying job, meeting the health care needs of school children can be hectic if you need the right resources. Here are three items a professional school nurse's office should have.

Fully-Equipped First Aid Kit

You should always be prepared for medical emergencies when working as a school nurse. That's because children injure themselves all the time when playing. Moreover, the crowded nature of school environments increases the likelihood of accidents such as falls. A fully equipped first aid kit lets you quickly respond and manage medical emergencies when waiting for an ambulance or a professional physician. A fully-equipped first aid kit should have, among others, plasters and bandages in different varieties and shapes, scissors, cleaning wipes, painkillers, surgical spirit, a thermometer, and disposable sterile gloves. 

Schools Nurse Log Book 

Your job as a school nurse involves handling the medical needs of different children every day. Monitoring the healthcare needs of those students can be difficult if you don't have a proper way of managing their records. Also, their records allow you to know the medication they need depending on their history. Having a school nurse's logbook lets you properly keep records of every student. It has sections such as name, date, nature of the complaint, type of treatment given, recommendations, and the next appointment date, which makes record-keeping efficient.

Medical Waste Disposal Bin 

High hygiene standards are important for a school nurse's office. You should ensure students get medical help in a clean and safe environment for their comfort and want to prevent contamination and the spread of contagious diseases. Having a medical waste disposal bin is vital to ensuring that. That's because medical waste such as used needles, syringes, gloves, and bandages are not any other kind of trash. They contain stains such as blood and pus, and any exposure can result in serious health issues for the students. Unlike regular trash bins, medical waste disposal bins have a special design to specifically medical wastes. They have air-tight seals to prevent leaks and overflows, preventing any exposure.

Take Away 

Being a school nurse is an interesting job that also makes you responsible for the health of many students. Thus, you should have all the necessary equipment to make your job easier. Contact a company for more information and help to purchase all the school nurse professional resources.