Three Mistakes That Will Make You Fail Your HVAC Test — And How You Can Avoid Them

If you're prepping for an HVAC certification test, there's a good chance you're already somewhat familiar with the world of heating and air. But there's actually a lot more to getting ready for your test than studying some books.  Here's a look at three sure-fire moves you can make that will cause you to fail your HVAC certification test.

#1: Relying on the old guy that's been in the HVAC industry for decades

People who have been down the road you're going are certainly a well you want to tap in to, but if you completely rely on them to tell you everything you need to know, you're setting yourself up for trouble. The HVAC industry is growing and changing rapidly, and even simple terms might not be what they used to. Back in 2019, 15% of US homes with broadband said they planned on purchasing a smart thermostat — and that's in addition to the people that already had one. Smart home technology alone is enough to befuddle someone solely looking at things the old way, so make sure you're not assuming things are as they've always been.

#2: Not having hands-on practice

You'll have no shortage of study materials. From books to websites to online videos to your family member who's been doing HVAC work for a long time, there are a lot of ways to make sure you have the knowledge you need. But if you really want to drive home that knowledge, get your hands dirty. Find an HVAC tech that you can shadow and the things you've read and studied will come to life. It's one thing to learn about what an evaporator does, but seeing why a malfunctioning one caused a system to fail will stick in your brain.

#3: Thinking you don't need a test prep class

Especially if you've been around the industry in any capacity, you might be tempted to think you've got it all down. But almost anyone that's taking their HVAC certification test can benefit from a prep class. There's a lot of material available for you to study, but if you take advantage of an actual class, you're dealing with people whose entire job is making sure their students are prepared — some of the single best sources of help you can find.

With an average salary of over $23 an hour, it's not hard to see why this is an intriguing career for a lot of people. But you can't be in-demand if you're not certified! Make sure you're avoiding these mistakes and you'll be well on your way to passing your HVAC certification test.

For more information, contact an HVAC test prep service.